Life is an Athletic Event. Are you Ready?

Physical Therapy

Peak Physical Therapy is a provider of specialized physical therapy and performance training services. Our methodology bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance with the goal of getting all of our clients fully engaged in their active life.

Performance Training

Peak Performance uses proven methodology of functional movement and postural restoration to transform how you perform. We utilize an integrated approach of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery that has helped power many of the regions best athletes. We can help you reach your goals.

Whole Health Nutrition

Whole Health Nutrition is dedicated to helping clients optimize health and wellbeing through the use of delicious and functional foods. We make use of the emerging science of nutrition to empower clients to optimize their health and performance through individualized nutrition solutions.


Mindset Coaching

Your Year of Transformation offers mindset coaching designed to support clients in reaching their highest potential in all areas of their lives. Mindset coaching is about engaging the whole self in understanding what it takes to walk into any situation or opportunity and knowing what it takes to succeed.

Health Studio News


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